Cardamom Tea

Cardamom tea is a delightful and aromatic beverage that combines the bold flavors of black tea with the warm and citrusy notes of cardamom. This exotic spice adds a unique twist to the traditional cup of tea, making it a popular choice in many cultures.


  • Tea leaves (Green or Black) or tea bags
  • Cardamom pods (green)
  • Water
  • Sweetener (optional)


  1. Begin by bringing water to a boil to create Cardamom Tea with green pods.
  2. While the water heats, lightly crush a few green cardamom pods to release their fragrant seeds.
  3. When the water begins to boil, add the crushed cardamom pods.
  4. Allow the cardamom flavors to absorb into the water by heating the mixture for a few minutes.
  5. After that, add green tea leaves or tea bags to the pot and steep for another 2-3 minutes.
  6. Strain the tea into a cup and sweeten it with honey or sugar if desired.
  7. The end product is a fragrant and delicious Cardamom Tea with a touch of spice and a calming green tea base.

Enjoy this lovely beverage all day long as a pick-me-up or as a peaceful treat.