The Herbland Limited, a 24-year-old company in the business of ayurvedic products. Organicmantra is a registered trademark of Herbland Limited, initially known as Himalayan Herbs Inc., which was founded in 1998 in the state of New York. Later, in 2005 the head office was moved to Mississauga, Canada.
After seeing a growing issue of quality concerns in most ayurvedic products from India, Herbland took a decision in 2008 to stop selling products. This concern led us to create an innovative approach and we started working to eliminate issues like Impurity, low potency in raw herbs and contamination caused by poor drying and storage conditions. Our research took some years to establish an authentication process and a strict controlled system from sourcing the best native grown herbs during harvest season, a unique herb extraction process in India, followed by the final production in Canada. Fermentation, granulation, tablet compression and bottling are done in Canada to meet North America standards.