Cumin Seeds (Cuminum cyminum) Whole

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  •  The earthy flavor of cumin seed powder, which is made from the Cuminum cyminum plant, is used to a variety of foods.
  • Cumin seed powder is frequently used as a traditional treatment for indigestion and bloating because of its reputed potential digestive effects.
  • Cumin seed powder, which is abundant in antioxidants and important elements like iron, may help the immune system and general health.
  • Cumin seed powder is a popular option in spice blends, curries, soups, and rice dishes due to its warm and aromatic flavor.
  • Cumin seed powder retains a valued place in both culinary and conventional medical procedures, from enhancing culinary experiences to potential health benefits.



Cumin, an herb belonging to the parsley or carrot family, is a plant that usually grows annually. It is cultivated in various regions such as India, China, Mexico, and the Mediterranean. The dried fruits of the cumin plant are known as seeds and are commonly used in various culinary applications such as spice blends, chutneys, stews, soups, and breads. In addition, the oil extracted from the seeds is used in perfumes, spirits and medicinal preparations. Cumin seeds have a distinctive earthy aroma and a slightly bitter, pungent flavor. When roasted, the seeds develop a nutty flavor.

At Organic Mantra, we source our certified organic cumin seeds directly from small farmer cooperatives in India. If you appreciate the unique flavor of this spice, you may also find our organic coriander seeds interesting.

Place of Origin: India

Have you heard?

Cumin seeds enhance digestion and possess antioxidant properties due to their vitamin E content.

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