Krishna Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) Powder

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  • Krishna Tulsi is used in herbal teas and has a distinctive and slightly peppery flavor.
  • Krishna Tulsi supports respiratory health, enhancing immunity, and enhancing general well-being.
  • It is known for boosting immunity and digestion.
  • It is a profusion of antioxidants, which support its capacity to fend off oxidative stress and advance general well-being.
  • It helps the body to manage stress and adjust to different difficulties.



Osimum tenuiflorum, a herb of the Lamiaceae family, is a tropical variety of Tulsi, or Holy Basil, with purple stems and leaves that eventually turn magenta. Leaves are scented with lemon, licorice, cloves and peppermint. The taste of Krishna (Ocimum tenuiflorum) is described as hot and spicy. The plant's stems, flowers, and leaves vary in color from dark green to purple. Krishna Tulsi, also known as Osimum tenui Florrum, is a prized herb in Ayurveda and is commonly consumed as Tulsi his tea made from holy basil. Herbs made with Organic Mantra do not contain artificial flavors or ingredients.

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Krishna Tulsi Powder is considered a sacred herb in India and is highly valued for its medicinal properties. It is believed to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, support respiratory health, and promote overall well-being.

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