Senna Leaf (Senna alexandrina) Cut & Sifted

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  • Senna Leaf is a well-known natural laxative and is used to make herbal teas or infusions for soothing relief from sporadic constipation.
  • Sennosides, a type of anthraquinone molecule, stimulate the intestines' muscles and aid in promoting regular bowel movements.
  • Senna Leaf (Cut and Sifted) is a herbal digestive aid that can temporarily improve the digestive system.
  • It helps in reducing discomfort brought on by slow digestion.
  • Senna Leaf (Cut and Sifted) is prized for its proven ability to enhance digestive health.



The cassia senna plant produces leaves from which the natural herb senna is made. Both the fruits and leaves of the plant are used in the manufacture of medicines. Senna tea, often brewed from the leaves of Cassia acutifolia or Cassia angustifolia, is a well-known herbal remedy. Anthraquinone is a powerful laxative and active ingredient chemical. Some people take senna herbal tea for additional reasons such as weight loss. 

Senna tea is most commonly used to promote bowel movements and treat constipation. Senna tea is used by some to relieve symptoms of hemorrhoids.

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Senna Leaf Cut & Sifted is a herbal product derived from the leaves of the Senna plant. It is commonly used as a natural laxative due to its strong stimulant properties. Did you know? Senna Leaf Cut & Sifted has been used for centuries in traditional medicine for its effective relief of constipation and promoting regular bowel movements.

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