Stevia Leaf (Stevia rebaudiana) Powder

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  • Stevia leaf powder contains a lot of steviol glycosides, substances with a sweet flavor.
  • Stevia leaf powder adds sweetness without increasing caloric intake,
  • It helps to cut calories and control body weight.
  • Stevia leaf powder has minimal effect on blood sugar levels.
  • It is used as a dietary supplement because of its health advantages like improving digestion or supplying antioxidants.



Stevia Leaf Powder is a natural sweetener that grows in South America. The fact that it contains no calories sets it apart from other sweeteners. These leaves can be used in any dish that requires a sweetener. However, due to its mildness, you should apply it in the right amount. One cup of sugar equals two tablespoons of stevia powder. Some of the most important health benefits of Stevia leaves include weight loss and diabetes management. It is also known to inhibit the production of bacteria in the mouth, so a few sifted leaves can be sprinkled on toothpaste or added to mouthwash.

Organic Mantra sources certified organic stevia leaf powder from small-scale agricultural cooperatives in India.

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Have you heard?

Consuming Stevia instead of sugar can help keep blood glucose levels in check. You can also use this leaf if you have diabetes or if you are looking for a healthy alternative to white sugar, saccharin, or aspartame.

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