Tulsi Krishna (Ocimum tenuiflorum) Cut & Sifted

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  • Tulsi Krishna is a herbal remedy for several illnesses.
  • It improves immunity, respiratory health, and general well-being.
  • Tulsi Krishna is abundant in antioxidants and makes the digestive system stronger.
  • It has the ability to ward off oxidative stress and promote overall wellness.
  • It supports the body's ability to cope with stress and adapt to various challenges.



Tulsi is a sacred herb native to India that is utilized in Hindu rituals. Tulsi comes in three varieties: Rama, Krishna, and Vana. Tulsi is used to cure disorders such as asthma and inflammation in herbal therapy. Tulsi Rama and Krishna are the most powerful. Tulsi Krishna has purple leaves with a clove scent and a spicy flavour. It is commonly consumed as a tea and can be combined with other ingredients.

Organic Mantra obtains its certified organic Tulsi (Krishna) Cut & Sifted from Indian smallholder cooperatives. If you enjoy the distinct flavour of this herb, you might also enjoy our Organic Tulsi (Rama) Cut & Sifted.

Our Cut & Sifted Tulsi (Krishna) is not sold whole, but rather "cut" into smaller pieces and "sifted" to eliminate the minute particles and dust formed during the cutting process.

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Have you heard?

Heart disease, kidney stones, and lung disease can all be prevented by Tulsi.

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